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Banned - Protocol error/ Steam error


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Hey, I recently brought Flaming Cliffs 3 and have been playing on 104th for a couple days now, I will admit I may have team killed by accident on the first day due to lack of knowledge of the aircraft and its radar.

This morning I jumped onto 104th (with more knowledge ofcourse), I got into a dog fight (against an SU-27) and lost. I jumped back into my aircraft at the airfield, prepared for takeoff and just as i started taxiing to the runway I got banned. Throughout this whole day I havent done anything wrong, just want to know why I was banned.

(I think it may have to do with ping)

Kind Regards,


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Hi Asbestos,

sorry I just wanted to join you in the banned channel on TS, but you left literally one second before I did...

Anyway, yes the reason for your ban is your ping. I just checked it before you left and it was stable at 335, which unfortunately puts the whole server in jeopardy.

Pings above 330 (even 331), cause lag, heavy warping (with all clients even those with lowest ping), and if they are not removed, eventually crash the server. So in order to protect the many, we have to make this really stupid sacrifice of the few, and it really hurts us, because we would love nothing more than guys like you to be able to fly in the server.

Now, that being said, please hold out just a couple of weeks, and we will have a solution for you. I cannot say more about it at this point, but you wont be dissapointed, that's a promise.

However, unfortunately, until then we cannot unban you, due to the reasons explained above.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience!

S! and best regards,

~ IronMike

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Thank you for the explanation, makes sense I guess. What do i expect? I live in Australia.

Excited for this solution, see you guys soon hopefully.

Kind regards,


We, too, are looking forward to seeing you soon and presenting you with a big surprise!

Thank you for your understanding and patience! S!

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