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Red Flag June 24th Aggressor PVP Announcement

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Red Flag Aggressor PvP - JUNE

24th of June 1800z

The 104th present RED FLAG PvP

24th of June 1800z: Official battle
24th of June 1700z: Meeting and Briefing time (you must show 45 min before the official battle!)
23rd of June 2000z: Optional Training Night
DCS theatre: Caucasus
Official Battle duration: 3 hours - One life per pilot (blue side)
Aggressors will have unlimited lives this round
Open slots (Challenger side): 36 - first come first served
Hosting server: 104th Dedicated Server
TeamSpeak Address:
TeamSpeak password: phoenix

As in our previous Red Flag PvP events, the fight will consist of an air to air Aggressor force this time consisting of 16-18 pilots,
facing off against against 36 strong air to air Challenger force!

This will also include 8 Air to Ground Striker slots!

This round will feature NON-Restricted Weapons for A2A!
The Ground Strike Weapons will be predetermined for
Naval Ship Strike Capabilities! Viggen will lead the way!


Sign up is open to Squadrons and lone-wolfs, however, there is a quota of 4 slots for any one squadron for the Challenger side. Squadrons can substitute pilots half way through the 3 hour mission, providing they still have pilots alive. This way a Squadron may enter more than 4 pilots however only 4 may fly at any one time!

Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we will operate a reserve list for the event of pilots not showing on the night.


The RF format will feature Air to Ground objectives for the Challenger side as well as a NO FLY ZONE for the Challenger side.

The Aggressor side starts at Sochi Airbase and is protected by an SA-11 System at the airbase, complimented by SA-15 Tor cover and SA-13 Strela cover.

The Challenger side starts at Kutaisi, Senakhi and Kobuleti and is protected by their Patriot Sams and Naval Groups , giving Challenger pilots time to co-ordinate their strike package.

Mission Overview
See next post for detailed mission briefing






  • DURING 1st Hour Blue must remain Weapons Cold, unless fired upon!
  • Blue must not enter No Fly Zone!
  • Do NOT cross the FEBA unless ordered to!
  • Do NOT leave your designated CAP or Marshall station and Flight Level unless ordered to!
  • Do NOT provoke Red unless ordered to!
  • Provocations by Blue Side include:
ECM ON (only engage when ordered to!),
Crossing FEBA,
Firing Weapons on Red,
Entering No Fly Zone and
buzzing enemy ships

Depending on severity of provocations Red may or may not respond with show of force!

Entering the Blue No Fly Zone WILL NOT disqualify pilots, but will be seen as a severe provocation.
However any provocation done without permission by your Airboss CAN lead to a disqualification.
Any kills occuring in No Fly Zone will not count!

Note: Do not be afraid of the ROEs. We want to take a first step towards more realism. You will be told what to do in detail. We will offer a training night on Friday 23rd.




  • Protect Ship Assets close to FEBA / Respond to Provocations

  • 1st Hour: Recon Ship Targets at Designated Area
  • Eliminate EWR north of Inguri
  • Coordinate Strike Package according to Recon Results
  • Eliminate Aggressor Fighter Aircraft
  • Rescue downed pilots feet wet


The Ping Limit for the event will be set to 330. All client connections to the event server will be monitored in real time during the event. Any client who's connection becomes unstable will be removed without warning, and only be able to rejoin upon approval from an admin.
We also reserve the right to remove or not allow a client to take part who has packet loss to our server.

Aircraft Available for Blue Side:

Mirage 2000
Viggen (maximum 4)

UH-1H Huey (maximum 2)

There are NO restrictions on Air to Air weapons.

There will be NO Cluster bombs available for Air to Ground Aircraft for this event!



To enter you must post in the following format with your DCS Callsign, Squadron Represented or Lone Wolf, Nationality and Aircraft requested! Sign ups are only available for the Challenger  side as the  Aggressor  pilots will be chosen by the 104th Command Staff. 


104th Phoenix

 NOTE: Viggen pilots MUST KNOW how to perform ship recon and use the RB-15F anti-ship missile!

NOTE: Huey Pilots MUST KNOW how to navigate using their ADF/VHF FM radios 


Aggressor Roster

Red Airboss: 104th_IronMike

1. 104th_Spade
2. 104th_Knight
3. 104th_Mustang
4. 104th_Blackbird
5. 104th_Blaze
6. 104th_Stuge
7. 104th_Presing
8. 104th_Deboman
9. 104cdt_Tiger
10. 104cdt_Dozer
11. 51st_Breakshot
12. 51st_Frostie
13. 51st_Rage
14. 51st_Teknetinium
15. 51st_Scarface
16. 51st_Holimoli

Challenger Roster

Blue Airboss: 104th_IronMike

1. =RvE=Microvax

Are you a dedicated Su-27 Flanker Pilot?
Would you like to become part of the Red Flag Aggressors in the future?
Would you like to train professionally with one of the best Squadrons DCS has to offer?
Then look no further!
The 51st Bisons PVO is currently looking for new cadets and would be delighted to hear from you!
Simply contact them on their homepage http://www.51st.org/
or join their teamspeak under the adress: 51st.hopto.org
You will have to pass a check flight with them, so it is good to know some basic skills in the Flanker and in flying a basic formation.



First things first - a few prerequisites you need as a pilot to fly this mission [do not be discouraged it is easier as it looks!]:

  • The ROEs won't be too difficult to follow, but you MUST follow them, or you might be disqualified
  • Flying over water can be very disorientating (no landmarks) so make sure you can navigate and hold your bearings through your HSI and Waypoints only
  • You will have to be able to fly a basic CAP (combat air patrol) station in form of a BARCAP (barrier combat air patrol), which means you have to be able to keep altitude and be able to fly somewhat of a racetrack at your designated location. Don't worry, it is not really hard, and you will have waypoints in between which you hold it (WP 1 & 7 for South CAP / WP 5 & 6 for Center CAP / WP 3 & 4 for North CAP)
  • You need to know how to set up whisperlists in Teamspeak. We will offer a training night on Friday 23rd with the channels in place, so you can set them up early for your flights. But there will also be time before the event, so please make sure you show up at least ONE HOUR EARLY on Saturday. Also make sure you have enough buttons (on keyboard) to set up as your whisper buttons (prob. min 5) and include your own channel in the list, so your own flight can hear you (I use my numpad keys) Tutorial: https://forum.ysfhq.com/viewtopic.php?t=5935
  • You have to know some basic brevity for a clean radio communication. In general only flight leads talk on guard and with the Airboss, but EVERYONE calls FOXES on Guard. Fox 1 = semi active missiles, Fox 2 = Heatseakers and Fox 3 = Active Missiles. When you call a fox, you call the altitude of the bandit you foxed on 100% of the time. Download a compressed (and more than sufficient) brevity list here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gis87wq922gnqax/104th+Brevity+Codes.pdf
  • You need to be able to fly and turn in a Formation and be able to stay with your flight and find it again, if you lose it or get seperated during an engagement. No perfect formation needed. As long as you are visual and close enough, you are in formation.
  • You need to be able to perform fuel management, as Mission Command will rely on your ability to deliver station time. During the first hour there will (probably) be no engagements and it would be bad if you have to rtb already, once we start pushing...
  • Viggen pilots MUST know how to perform recon and how to use the RB-15F missile
  • Huey pilots must know how to navigate using their ADF/VHF radios and perform engine management as they will have a very long flight over open water. You also have to be able to hover at a specific altitude and be able to land on a ship.
  • Most important: the ROE "Do not fire, unless fired upon" applies PER FLIGHT and NOT per side! KEEP COOL IF PROVOKED THROUGH RED AIR BY HARD LOCK STT OR ECM ONLY! You can only engage bandits who fired on your flight, other than that you have to keep your station, until ordered otherwise by your Airboss.
  • All pilots on blue side must show up ONE HOUR early, but latest 45 min before Mission start. If you do not show up on time, your slot will be given to someone in the reserve list, and you will be put at the end of the reserve list. A no-show must be excused beforehand (except for emergencies) or we might exclude you for future events!
  • Lone Wolfs will be put together in flights as early as possible for us. It is not a must, but if you as your flight meets up one day early to get to know each other it will help a lot. Remember: we offer a training night on Friday 23rd at 20:00 Zulu


Welcome to our next installement in the Red Flag Aggressor PVP Series, Pilot! As always the best of the best (YOU!) have gathered to perform a series of exercises in order to keep up a high fighting ability for our coalition. Remember, the more of these missions you survive, the better you will become. So make sure to have the proper mind set: It is much more important to land back safely than to kill your enemy, but when push comes to shove, the most important thing is that we achieve our Mission Goals through perfect coordination and dedication - even if that means the ultimate sacrifice. We expect that you bring your a-game pilot, as this will be a joint exercise with our Navies and they will be watching closely! Also this is the first joint exercise between NATO and Russia, so show them what we are made off! GOOD LUCK!

- Naval Ship Strike Mission - Navy + Airforce NATO and Russia Joint Exercise

Situation, December 1st, 2025, 0100 hours local time: 2 Months ago Blue Coalition has sent their Carrier Group lead by the USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 Nimitz-class Supercarrier into the Black Sea to perform a series of joint exercises with Turkey and Georgia. It has been moored at Batumi Harbour for the past month offering humanitarian aid to the local population. Last week it was due to leave the Black Sea through the Bosporus again, but Red Country entered the Black Sea with their Kuznetsov Carrier Group and three Battlecruiser groups including their mighty Kirov-class Battlecruisers lead by their flagship Pyotr Veliki and their Slava-class cruisers lead by the flagship Moskva - thus effectively blocking the exit of Blue Coalition Carrier Group.

For the past week our diplomats tried to resolve the situation through a political solution, but ultimately failed, when somehow members of a terrorist group that had inflitrated the Carl Vinson set off a horrible explosion, disabling the Carrier heavily and killing 1487 sailors on board the ship. The terrorist group is being openly backed by Red Country and thus this is seen as an act of war, although Red Country claims no connection to the attack and calls its presence a "Naval Exercise". (The rescue missions are being flown by our Coast Guards and do not concern you.)

As a result our elected leaders have tasked us to come up with a military solution to clear the way for the Carrier Group once it has been repaired. They prepared for this situation by ordering your squadrons to enter Georgia through Turkey and Armenia during the past week, so we expect all of you to be combat ready by now.

For this purpose the Carrier Group has split up into two groups, the main Carrier Group in the South and the Naval Group North consisting of several Oliver Hazard Perry and Ticonderoga class frigates and cruisers to protect our northern flank.

We have good and bad news: A Swedish Viggen has reported a surfaced Red Navy Submarine (supposedly Kilo-class) surrounded by a large group of ships roughly bearing 130° for about 30 to 40nm from Bullseye WP2. We believe there was an accident on the submarine and that a large rescue mission is under way, which we can use to our advantage. The bad news is that we lost contact with the Viggen soon thereafter and it is possible that it has been shot down by Red Air. However the pilot's signal beacon came alive and a SEAL Team picked him up that has been dispatched to the location from the close Naval Group North. Their current location is roughly bearing 107° for 80nm from Bullseye. Unfortunately the pilot suffered a cardiac arrest due to the cold water and although the medic was able to revive him, he needs transportation to a specialist hospital in Poti by Helicopter. Additionally a tanker is blocking the retreat of the SWCCs and thus JSOC has ordered the SEALs to sit tight until the choppers arrive.

The situation is even more difficult since the Abkhazian Airspace is under Red Air Control and covered through SA-11s at Gudauta and Sukhumi and has thus been declared a No Fly Zone for Blue Air. Another thread is an EWR station a couple miles north of the Inguri border.

Alarming New Intel, December 1st, 0500 hours local time: The submarine is in fact suffering from an accident but the ships surrounding it are being reported as ships belonging to the terror group which just turned against Red Country. If the intel is correct the Group is trying to steal weapons - including nuclear ballistic missiles - from the submarine and facing a stand off with a smaller group of Red Navy Ships. Red Country still denies the incident, but we believe this makes it impossible for them to leave the Black Sea and make way for our Carrier Group. If the intel is correct the submarine is in the hands of the terrorists which makes for a dangerous situation.

Breaking News, December 1st, 0730 hours, local time: By threatening to blow up the submarine's reactor the Terror Group was able to bring under their control 4 additional Red Navy Ships: A Neustrashimy-class destroye, the Krivak-class frigate Rezky, and 2 Grishas-class corvettes. Red Country denies that any of the ships have been boarded, but we have to fear the worst, espacially concerning the submarine that has been mistaken for a Kilo-class attack submarine by the downed Viggen pilot, but is now believed to be a Borei-class submarine with nuclear ballistic capabilities.

With the possibility of the terror group being in control we cannot wait for Red Country to find a soft solution for this highly dangerous mix of ships. We formulated a three step plan to achieve our mission goals, to neutralize the thread, to rescue the pilot and to free our Carrier Group.


For a successful mission pilots have to succeed with all three steps.

As Red Country is dealing with bigger issues than provoking us atm, we believe they will not engage, unless provoked. Do NOT provoke them unless ordered by Mission Command, or you will jeopardize the positive outcome of our Mission.

Remember: During our ENTIRE Operation YOU MUST NOT FIRE, UNLESS FIRED UPON - or instructed otherwise by mission command!

Mission Start: December 1st, 2025, 0900hours local time.

NOTE: Our Bullseye WP2 is a nofly waypoint and protected by the Red Carrier Group. You must not approach more than 25nm at any given time!

NOTE: The FEBA (forward edge of battle area) runs directly through your fighter waypoints 1, 5 and 3! If you fly a CAP station you thus have to turn back BEFORE passing these waypoints in order to stay on our side of the FEBA, until ordered otherwise by Mission Command.

NOTE: Fighters taking off from Senakhi and Kutaisi must take a direct corse for Poti (245° from Senakhi and 260° from Kutaisi) to avoid the No Fly Zone. Only cross feet weet at Poti, once crossing feet wet continue at least 15nm heading 270°, only then turn towards your designated Waypoints!

Step 1 - Reconnaissance:

We have only one hour to gather better intel on the situation, until we believe the situation will turn from bad to worse, thus we will send Viggens to recon the area and deliver accurate data for a strike plane.

1.1 At 0900 hours we will dispatch Blue Air to assume BARCAP stations at CAP South, CAP Center and CAP North. Additional flights might patrol the FEBA (forward edge of battle area) and protect the navy group North.

1.1.1 A Viggen flight will be dispatched including escort to recon the Primary Objective at the designated location southeast of Bullseye

1.1.2 If available the Georgians will give us Su-25ts to dispatch north to the Ingure and disable the EWR, thus effectively blinding the enemy around Naval Group North. ATM no F-18s can take off from the Carrier. (Optional)

During Step 1 Red Air must NOT be provoked unless ordered by Mission Command. The main focus is to keep the recon flight and CSAR flights safe!

Step 2: Search and Rescue.

No man left behind! Because our coast guards have their hands full with the rescue operations aboard the CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson, we will send two UH-1H Hueys (Callsigns Croc 1 and Croc 2) to rescue the swedisch pilot.

2.1 At 0900hours local time the Hueys will take off from Senakhi and fly to Poti, while Croc 1 will pick up a SEAL Team and Croc 2 a Swimmer Team at our FARP at Poti.

2.2 Immediately after picking up the SEALs and Swimmers Croc 1 will proceed to the Tanker between Navy Group North and the SWCCs at the rescue location, while Croc 2 will proceed to the rescue location to pick up the pilot. The rescue location and the Navy Group will be emitting ADF or VHF FM radio signals for location, the location of the tanker will be provided to Croc 1 once they pass Navy Group North and split up.

2.3 Croc 1 is to hover maximum 90 feet above the tanker so the SEALs can fast rope, board and secure the ship, Croc 2 is to hover maximum 30 feet above the SWCC's Mark V Special Operations Boat. A steady hover is crucial for success.

2.4 After delivering the SEALs and picking up the pilot Croc 1 and Croc 2 will land aboard two vessels of Navy Group North, where Croc 2 will pick up a doctor to accompany them the rest of the flight to Poti. After take off Croc 2 is to fly to the hospital in Poti and Croc 1 will escort Croc 2. After delivering the pilot to the hospital, Croc flights are rtb to Senakhi.

NOTE: Step 2 will take the entire duration of our Mission and Blue Air will have to provide cover for them 100% of the time. Losing either Crocs is NOT an option!

Step 3: Neutralizing the threat and freeing the Carrier Group

At 1000hours local time we should have gathered enough intel and developed a strike plan to neutralize the ship threads. We will start pushing with Blue Air across the FEBA to claim Air Superiority in order to make way for the strike group to attack the ships.

Note: The primary target is the Borei-class submarine, Secondary are the destroyer, frigate and corvettes, tertiary are the terrorist ships. If we eliminate the primary and secondary targets and at least 50% of the tertiary targets we believe that Red Country will pull their Naval Groups out of the Black Sea and make way for our Carrier Group.

3.1 At approximately 1000hours Mission Command will order several flights to cross the FEBA - WAIT FOR THE ORDER!

3.2 Additional flights will remain CAP stations to provide fall back cover and back up for Blue Air.

3.3 After 1000hours the Blue Strike Air Group will assume Marshall stations at M1 and M2 to get into position for the anti ship strike

3.4 Once Blue Air has claimed Air Superiority over the Primary Objective Blue Strike Air Groups will push from M1 and M2 (wait for the order!) to eliminate the submarine and ships in the target area. Their locations will be given to you by your Air to Ground boss and he will designate targets for you.

For the entire step three we will have only 2 hours, so bring your a-game!


Again - do not be discouraged by the complexity. Do not worry if everything doesn't run perfectly. This is meant as a step towards more realism wished by many of you, and we will guide you all the way through the mission. Follow your airboss and airtoground boss and you will be fine. It looks much more complicated as it is. As long as you listen and communicate clearly yourself, nothing can go wrong


Rules of Engagement:



  • DURING 1st Hour Blue must remain Weapons Cold, unless fired upon!
  • Blue must not enter No Fly Zone!
  • Do NOT cross the FEBA unless ordered to!
  • Do NOT leave your designated CAP or Marshall station and Flight Level unless ordered to!
  • Do NOT provoke Red unless ordered to!
  • Provocations by Blue Side include:
  • ECM ON (only engage when ordered to!),
  • HARD LOCK STT on Red,
  • Crossing FEBA,
  • Firing Weapons on Red,
  • Entering No Fly Zone and
  • buzzing enemy ships


WE WILL OFFER A TRAINING NIGHT on FRIDAY 23rd at 2000Zulu on the 104th Teamspeak and Servers.

But even if you cannot make the training the briefing before missions start will suffice to be successful. Again, we will guide you all the way through the mission.



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