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Hey everybody!

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My name is Neon and I am a addict. Ok so I posted on the Facebook DCS multiplayer addict group and your unit was suggested. I have been playing flight sims since the age of about 5 mainly because I was a Air Force brat.  I started out at Falcon one and played almost all of the flight sims though the late 80s and 90s. Heck I still have a copy of James Fighter anthology laying  around along with my old Falcon 4 manual, which by the way is bigger than the actual Air Force manual. During my teen years my eyes went bad so I could become a pilot and ended up joining the army and stopped playing flight sims. Well fast forward many many years and I am out now and discovered DCS. 


Well thats me in a nut shell. See you in the sky. 

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Welcome to the community, Neon, very pleased to have you around!

don't hesitate to join our teamspeak, fly with us and folks in general and please enjoy!

If you have any questions, we're here to help as well!


Many pleasent hours in DCS on behalf of the 104th and safe flying,




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