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OP Fire_Shield suggestions


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  Hey 104th Admin.  First of all, thank you for everything, and I promise I have donated, just anonymously by accident.  


  My suggestion is to add Mistral Gazelle spawns for red team at Maykop on OP fireshield.  This is one of my favorite missions, as it encourages coordination and teamwork.  Red team must defend maykop, and blue team strikers must communicate with CAP to effectively take the airfield.  I feel that missions on the 104th where both roles overlap encourage much more dynamic gameplay, and are tons of fun.  

  I think it would be really neat to add some mistral gazelles as spawn aircraft at maykop.  Little "snakes in the grass" which could easily be dispatched by blue CAP, or solid A10c pilots.  A KA50 could prob even manage to take them down.  

Lastly, I think it would be a nice addition to the briefing, if it's not already there, that red fighters can rearm and refuel at maykop, to encourage protecting the asset.


Thanks again for everything, another donation coming when I'm able


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Appreciate the donation Mig! Every dollar surely helps and is allowing the 104th to expand what we can do for the DCS community. We have some great things coming! As far as the Mistral spawns...Im all for it...Aleks, Jesse???

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