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  1. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled DCS about 3 times now, I am able to join the 104th with no mods, then as soon as I install the newest version of Mustangs Texture Pack, ill try to join and it will tell me that my files are tainted and I need a pure install. Dont know what to do, ive ran the texture pack on the 104th for a long time and now its not working. ( The 104th Mod is only thing that I have installed in the files, all mods in Ovgme have been disabled for now.)
  2. I understand that, I admitted I said I made a honest mistake and its totally my fault, Im not "Hiding the Truth", Im just stating what I thought happened and I was wrong. Mistakes happen, and when it comes to "Admin Abuse" not to be demeaning in any way but if you take someone say bugger off to you as abuse then thats sorta sad. But in the end Ive realized what I did was wrong, and I just dont go on the 104th to chase around fighters in the A10, right before this situtation I has spent over 4 hours running ground pounding sorties with guys on the 104th teamspeak. I hope that this can be forgiv
  3. (A-10C) At 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 12, I was in route to TA Bravo from Senaki, after about 10 miles from Senaki, im starting to fence in, all of a sudden I get hard spiked I see a Mirage on my RWR, I dive for the weeds, and do what any hog pilot, with no radar nor IFF, would so I look over and select my AIM9, ready to nail a mirage that was waiting near TA to kill me. So after 10 more miles I pop up and I see his burner 5 miles ahead of me, I lock him up and fire. Now at this point I open up chat to see if it was gonna hit...... it misses. so I line up another shot but the mirage loops ov
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