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  1. =RvE=Microvax Germany I have provided GCI during RF 17-7 and 17-9 and on various occasions on the 104th server and internal combined arms events. Additionally I have provided GCI services, coordinating offensive and defensive operations, on the blueflag server for a long time.
  2. Yee sounds a lot like my first experience with the Warthog. I basically had terrible PIO issue in the beginning and with the throttle it also takes a while to learn all the needed positions etc. but its obviously really worth it. I cant comment on the TM pedals though. For the stick I can recommend stick extensions, I have done the DIY trip and got also some aluminium CNC'd ones. I also bolted the stick to my chair, which is great in terms of experience, but honestly a little annoying to put it on and remove it to switch between working and flying. Can you still see the pedals in windows
  3. Yeah I feel you Visibility didnt do as much for me, I have it on the second highest setting, civilian traffic in 1.5 really is the biggest frame eater for me. They seem to track that extremely inefficient. No there is no way, like no legid way to get really more out of the 1.5 engine. We tried a lot and basically the end to it all is 1.5 engine is not up to the task to use the computing power a GTX1080 and other high performance GPUs are capable to deliver. And that is in Win10, win7 and win8. Yep, DCS is not really into the whole preloading thing. Thus it really doesnt use a lot of RAM. T
  4. I did explain in a lengthy fassion why DCS is a from a technical standpoint a piece of shit . Thats why one has to turn things down in dcs 1.5 to get stable frames above 60fps. The rendering complexity is low, like any modern game engine would crush 60fps 10/10 times on maximum settings possible in DCS, but its due to the way DCS schedules that that simply doesnt work out. I have a overclocked to the architecture limits GTX1080, 64GB of quad channel DDR2133 RAM, running a Intel750 PCI-E SSD with the corresponding latencies. Believe me, I do not have a reasonable bottleneck anywhere within the
  5. The problem is the AWACS is basically flying within SA11 coverage and so they will know of any flanking attempts. What I am counting on is that they will not put dedicated AWACS protection. A ) Its unlikely they expect someone to go for it straight away. B ) Even if they expect it, its unlikely they dedicate any planes to the AWACS protection. They are outnumbered already and this is basically a critical point in time for them. C ) If they try to protect it its fine the Mirage can run from them forevar and the eagle cant catch it. We can literally run them out of fuel, still hit the AWACS a
  6. Are you within detection range or do you get actively engaged by the SA11 once you are over the target area ? I mean sure the Mirage can take 2 gbu12s without sacrificing all to much performance and we can test that before, but the a10 needs to be within 10nm to laze. I mean the sa11 site is 37nm away. A s300 should have that range but I do not think the sa11 does. With a jammer for sure not or am I wrong here ? Apart from that it sounds good, will be interesting because at best we have like 5-10 minutes since the aggressors only have like 3-4 minutes to fly from takeoff before they are in
  7. Yeah, I think for eveyone who doesnt show up knowing who they fly with or signs up here we will just put them together on spot.
  8. We have something close to a MIG31. Their AWACS is flying basically a west/east track 10nm north of Mozdok @angels 30. So I intend to send a two ship of M2000c around the flank and punch that thing. The Mirage has the capability to either waste any aggressors endurance fuel wise or just fly around them. But you are probably right though we shouldnt do that right away. But my results in terms of testing look pretty promising.
  9. This is the thread for discussion of the objective to nuke the Aggressors AWACS.
  10. Please coordinate the strike package here. IMHO it could be really useful to split target groups between flight members before event start, AKA now. Like that every flight member can just target anything out of his group at will and thus the overall attack time can be reduced. But I am very open to suggestions in this department, keep in mind the aggressors home base is only 37NM from the target area, which will greatly reduce out attack window in comparison to the NTTR redflags we had.
  11. For a first everyone please organise who you are going to be flying with ship wise. We lost a lot of time and had a lot of unnecessary overhead the last two redflags organising who is going to fly with who. I simply do not know many of you guys, dont know who likes or is compatible fighting style with who, so please simply organise that upfront ! For CAP a preferred altitude regime would be superfancy as well as if the flight intends to a2a refuel or not. That can be helpful to further refine allocation of tasks before the event and thus simplify preflight briefing and increase chance of su
  12. here the mentioned link imho very good short wrap up about how and what multi threading can do for performance and what it cant
  13. The simple explanation: DCS 1.5 is engine wise very old at the core and thus pretty terrible in terms of efficiently using todays available computing power. The slightly more elaborate explanation is DCS is basically running 2 threads mainly. One thread does audio output, which is good since audio is very latency critical, you hear stutters way before you see them, and one thread which does all the rest, which is absolutely terrible concept for 2017. So what does it mean now that DCS engine is basically single threaded for the most part, well everything happens in a consecutive way instea
  14. In 1.5 IMHO its a question of how much frame dip you want to accept worst case. F11 View at Novorossiysk around 020-040 is a pretty good stresstest. First thing: disable civilian traffic. Just disable it. It is due to how DCS renders it pretty frametime intensive. Then Water to minimal, eats a lot of FPS as well for little effect, given how things are rendered. Shadows do impact FPS noticably, down to personal preference how far you want to crank them down. Preload max, visibility again to your liking and preference of lowest FPS drops. For trees and grass goes the same as visiblity rang
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