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  1. Hey Gang, another informative video, anyone who has seen Jetstream will recognize Riel "Gunz" Erickson
  2. Archimedes, in future, be respectful in chat, I know myself when I am getting spiked by a friendly, or even TK'd whether accidental or purposefully, it gets my ire up. However, abusive language in chat, is not tolerated. While in most parts of North America "Bugger off" is considered not to be offensive, in other parts of the world it is extremely rude. Please be aware of this, as some may take exception to your use of it. I am lifting your ban. Hope to see you in the skies soon. Honorably Yours104th_Crow
  3. Just to clarify. I don't fly the Mirage, I don't have it. Pressing and I were no where near where you were we were doing CAP I was in an F-15, He was in a Mig-29. I asked what you were doing when I saw the message in the Chat box that you had fired on a friendly aircraft ( I monitor the chat logs). you then proceeded to tell me to "Bugger off" at which point, as we do not brook abuse in chat, Pressing banned you, I was ready just to kick you from the server.
  4. I am secretly "Q" from Star Trek and am omnipotent I can be in two places at once
  5. Happy birthday Belated though it may be.... As Usual I show up late to the party. However, I bring scotch and soju!!!!!
  6. I installed a week ago so far no real qualms, though I would like to be able to turn off my on board Bluetooth. I have had a jump in frame rate for DCS of about 20-25% so definitely happy about that.
  7. Congratulations Highway Excellent work I hope to be under your tutelage soon
  8. in the winter of 1999 in Quebec there was an ice storm (freezing rain) left montreal and quebec city in a state of emergency. http://torontopubliclibrary.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5509ea6a1883401a73db3d259970d-pi http://41.media.tumblr.com/134646892223699c4f8f5bdc69d7c0a0/tumblr_ncoxn7561R1rlxtnvo1_500.jpg
  9. this is after a hellish morning that is my 44 birthday. I just realized that my wife , who is Korean, has influenced me enough to star disliking the number 4 as a bad omen, the word for 4 "Sa" is part of the word for death "sa-mang" I wonder if this is why my birthday was hellish today.
  10. Well gang, I appreciate all the help. in the end it came down to budget restrictions and I opted for the 960 specifically http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487091which I gained an additional $25.00 off by using my Visa so total cost was $286.33 shipping and taxes in. I am nown in the process of saving for new mainboard and processor (probably in December LOL). Again thanks for the input.
  11. Mike already seen this, not helpful....
  12. Hey Gang; It's that time again, purchase of a new video card is emminent. I have been looking online and while I am tempted to get the 970 card (I know you'll laugh IronMike), I am hesitant due to the cost, I find it difficult to be able to justify $505.00 after taxes for a video card when I can get the 960 for 304.99 taxes in. Gang I would like if possible some non-partisan advice here. I am replacing my GTX 560 Ti. Yours Brian
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