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  1. Well... I won't say I'll loan you my pipe... because that would be weird.. for me... but I'm happy to know what the plan is and will join you metaphorically.... Keep up the great hosting work 104th! Semper Fi AldoUSMC
  2. Gents, Can you post something about how you plan to upgrade 104th Servers given the DCS impending plans for 2.5 releases noted on their website ? Don't want to "upgrade/patch" myself out of the 104th as we go from 1.58 OB and 2.2.0 OA to 2.5 beta.. then public. Thanks and Semper Fi
  3. Very Nice work ! Mind posting a parts/spec list ?
  4. Performance with the HTC Vive has remained solid. No integration of haptics or activation of the virtual hands yet by anyone unfortunately. Will be interesting to see what the new HTC Vive Pro will bring to the table with its increased resolution. I would say the biggest pain with VR implementation (other than no ability to use my hands on switches knobs) is bringing up a kneeboard when using NVGs.... bright levels completely wash out the kneeboard... easy enough to turn off NVGs, access the kneeboard, and then go back into NVGs... so there are work arounds... I did upgrade to a NVidia GTX
  5. Hi Riptide and 104th.... Now that the Gazelle is back in todays 1.5.5 version patch do you think the 104th will be updated to 1.5.5 ? Oh.. us VR flyers also have an F10 map now... so all-in fly'n ! Semper Fi AldoUSMC
  6. Sorry 104th.. been a while since my last report. With most recent Steam VR Beta, which now implements Asynchronous Space Warp (ASW) / ASR (reprojection) I am pulling 30 FPS at a pixel density of 2.0... on the 104th Server in Beta 1.5.4. I have been able to set Graphics settings have gone all to high for: Textures, Terrain Textures, Traffic Off, Water Medium, Visibility Range to extreme Extreme, heat blur off, shadows flat, cockpit res at 1024 every frame, MSAA 16xQ, HDR off, DOF off, lens effects none, clutter grass at 900, tree vis at 15553, preload at max 150000, Aero disabled, vsync off,
  7. Note to Vive users reading this.. as of 30 Aug 2016 there was an update to Steam VR that now crashes the VR Server if you try to launch DCS World (1.54 or 2.0) without Steam and Steam VR running first. Up to now, most Vive users' advice was : Close Steam VR, Close Steam, Run DCS World 1.54 or 2.0 and Steam VR will launch on its own... I've personally tested launching just Steam VR first... and just Steam First... then DCS World... neither works... both result in a crashed VR Server and DCS World Launches in standard 2D/3D non-vr mode. Perhaps it will change in the future with a DCS update..
  8. Ok M1.. that's very useful to help understand WHY folks (like me) need to shoot for 45+ fps. Alot of folks out there reviewing and commenting about VR don't relate clear reasons why as well as you just did ... so Thanks ! Semper Fi AldoUSMC
  9. Thanks M1Combat ... I thought that recent updates to DCS, HTC, and Steam VR had made the OR-only Pixel slider settings now applicable to VIVE also. I had read via forums info relative to what you note ... I will now try those as compare contrast and report back when able what I perceive as the difference. I will double check my Steam VR settings as well.. so thanks. I know the human eye needs at least 30 fps to "believe" in full motion video... I'll see where I can get in the 45-90 fps realm with VIVE... but all that matters to me personally is that my brain believes what is perceives as "rea
  10. On the DCS Forums HTC VIVE thread a DCS member named "vicx" pointed me at this web-article: http://www.vrspies.com/realitycheckvr/leap-motion-controllers-are-working-in-steamvr-how-to-guide/ I gave it a quick try and the gloves DO show up as my real hands tracked by my Leap Motion for position but their orientation is wonky and there appears to be no functionality still even though I know the LM interface tracks my finger movements for trigger pull, grib, and thumb movement. Going to investigate the new "UI Layer" selection available under the "Adjust Controls" screen. It's all the way at th
  11. Update on VR Gloves created by Vive controllers. Both right and left hands appear in all "clickable" (Non FC3) cockpits (personally tested this in all the FC3 and Clickable AC except the ME and FW Prop planes). The right hand is upside down currently when holding the controller correctly... Neither hand currently functions other than to "exist" in the cockpit. If only one controller is active or in sight of the VIVE lighthouses then the left hand appears. Makes sense since most pilots keep right hand (most of the time) on the stick/cyclic. If you have both controllers on and both hands are
  12. Thank you Sir....much appreciated. For Nav... we have to Nav the F-5 via offsets from Bullseye to target area or TACAN-ADF offsets... one of two ways to handle that since planned mission waypoints are not accessible to pilots in the F-4 (other than kneeboard images).... either add reference TACAN-ADF freqs for the mission brief for target areas or just have players do their own mission planning and figure that out for themselves.. which works also... Semper Fi AldoUSMC
  13. Thanks for the F-5E update. Was able to get some flight time Sunday with her. If possible request a future update add a DAS or CAS roll F-5E vice just CAP/Escort so pilots wanting to fly DAS/CAS can stay on role vice taking a CAP assigned bird away from the CAP mission.. You could place them with only internal fuel, guns, and AIM-9's and let pilots pick their A2G loadouts from there like you have with the SU25Ts. For your consideration...... Semper Fi AldoUSMC
  14. Was able to fly the SU25T and F-5E on the HTC VIVE with pixel density set to max 2.5 on the Server yesterday (Sunday). Only had stutter at a few points (2-3 times in about 4 hours of flying) otherwise experience was smooth. Targets were a bit difficult to spot in F-5E until I was pretty much on top of them but that's probably not unrealistic with the Mk1 Eyeball. In the SU-25T I had a bit of a difficult time spotting targets in the TV in either TV mode or with the LLTV pod. Not sure if it was me being poor at approach target surveillance/detection and the fact that it was broad daylight of if
  15. I don't think it will have to be all mapped for clickable cockpits once leap motion, manus, or some other hand tracking capability becomes reliable enough. By that same standard a "HOTAS" might not need to be more than a stick/peg to rest your hands on and pressure points, finger movements combined with hand position "could" be used to input trigger pulls, button pushes, dial rotations, and slider movements and pitch and roll inputs on the virtual stick and throttle/ collective-cyclic. For some personal research on what I'm talking about look up "Manus-vr", "Gloveonevr", and "Leap Motion". Th
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