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  1. Name: Can Özkan, Callsign Tulpar Age: 21 Time in DCS: 2 Years Preferred Aircraft: F/A-18C Reason for Applying: I was looking for a friendly squadron that i can have fun with. I'm more of a hardcore sim guy, but i dont really care as long as sh*t goes boom. I was in Işıklar Air Forces High School in Turkey before the failed coup attempt, then i lost my wings. Long story. Now i'm a mechanical engineer that has undying love for planes. I pretty much know every system, not that i'm a flying ace or anything. I can easily do every formation and can do AAR in max 1 disconnections. I might need a little work adjusting to the comms you guys use. I prefer the carrier operations, currently reading the S&A Guide on Carrier Ops. I still have a lot to learn. I'm looking forward to hear from you guys. Discord: Tulpar#1572
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