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  1. Congratulations! Well deserved! Honor. Excellence. Integrity. S!
  2. Today is a very special day for the 104th Phoenix. After almost 10 years of long lasting and outstanding leadership, we get to say thank you to 104th_Maverick for being our CO and Squadron Leader, with a drive, dedication and commitment unparalled in the community. Not only did he contribute to the 104th as an institution among DCS squadrons, he also relentlessly kept working to make the DCS Multiplayer Community grow, extending a helping hand to many squadrons, new servers and players that came with and after us. Today 104th_Maverick stood down and handed the 104th Phoenix Virtual Fig
  3. We are extremely honored and blessed with so many applications. Thus, also from my side, a massive thank you for your huge interest. We could not appreciate it more! Thank you also for your patience, I know the wait was very long. To choose is never easy, however we have to restrict our pick on a maximum of 4 cadets, in order to be able to provide sufficient amounts of training to each and everyone. Thank you for understanding that, those, who have not been picked this time to have a go at the UPTs - we would very much like to get to know you better and see your application again
  4. *****CONGRATULATIONS**** to 104th_Dozer and 104th_Tiger, who today have passed their Carrier Qualification, the final exam in a 104th cadet's training programm. While showing mastery of their aircraft they passed with flying colors! It has been a long time in the making and well deserved! Welcome to the family, Dozer and Tiger, we hope you both will feel at home! Never forget: Honor. Excellence. Integrity. ;-) This was also a special Carrier Qualificaton for the 104th Phoenix VFBS, as it was the last time that we used the Su-33 for it (we will show you pictures of our
  5. Dear members, dear friends, dear Community! On behalf of the entire 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron we would like to wish you and your families a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND BLESSED AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you will enjoy a well deserved time off flying a lot! Fly safe and always check six, Yours 104th Phoenix VFBS
  6. Congratulations to 104cdt_Fallen who upon passing his 3 UPTs earned his right to enter the 104th cadet wing. In his flight he excelled with great talent and persistency to work on his mistakes and perform at highest standards, which is always what we are looking for! We hope that you feel right at home with us and enjoy the training and welcome you to the family. Best of luck, S! IronMike
  7. Thank you for applying, Jared. Cleared for UPTs.
  8. Thank you Ed, you are very kind and your words and trust are greatly appreciated! S!
  9. Thank you guys, I will give it my all and everything! S!
  10. Dear Squad members, dear friends, dear community! For the past time every day felt already as the happiest day in my life, but now it is official - since yesterday really every day is definately the happiest day in my life, so please let me share: I started working for Heatblur Simulations - and an incredible dream has come true! I can now help creating simulations for such magnificent aircraft as the F-14 Tomcat, which as you all know we are working on atm. My contribution in light of the extremely talented team is of course very humble, but I couldn't feel more honored to work in such a
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