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  1. Sorry, my donation showed up as offline for some reason...Just supporting the squad...
  2. Spoke with AlphaFox on server, his name was jim in TS. Said he was using hi Oculus Rift for the first time and ran into someone. Checked banned section for names of jim, Russflyin, and AlphaFox...didnt find a ban reason. Unbanned.
  3. Check version, might need to update to see server
  4. traVakur, I would try to run a repair on your DCS module. Maybe you have a corrupt Runtime library.
  5. Stop by Teamspeak and go the the help desk if you see admins available. One of them can check your ping.
  6. Money

    Am I banned?

    Edokg, Saturdays usually best day as more admin are available to help you.
  7. Voron, You were banned in the server. I searched for the cause of the ban but was unable to find a reason. You are now unbanned. If any senior admin has cause to reinstated your ban then I am sure you will be notified here, other than that please make sure to read and adhere to the rules/regulations while on the server.
  8. If you checked your ping in TS, it could possibly still be higher on the server when you are entering. Just in case, I would make sure you are not downloading, streaming or do not have other apps sending or receiving data in the background. One person from recent memory had multiple people streaming videos when he would attempt connection, causing his ping to go well above the server limit.
  9. Yanyu, Checked your name on the server, you are not banned. Make sure you do not have any mods enabled, Integrity Check will kick you automatically if you do.
  10. I think we really need a FARP farther forward Northwest from Senaki. FARP Phoenix is the northern most and if the JTACs are used up the flight is too long from other FARPS, especially if Red Air is active and contesting the airspace over Gali. At Gali, Red side helos can set up manpads and push from it to attack Senaki or Kutaisi, while Blue has to push twice the distance from Phoenix just to get to Gali, Sukhumi is even further.
  11. Server down as of at least 8:20pm PST
  12. Had some issues with Op Longbow last night. Kutaisi was captured by blue with troops on ground, blue side could refuel rearm. Could not spawn at all. Several of us scoured the airbase to find troops for quite some time but there was nothing there. Kobuleti was captured by blue but could only spawn 1 A-10 slot there, no other aircraft available. Mission was about 16.5 hours in and it appeared that blue captured quite a few bases earlier then red came back later to retake those bases and pushed on blue. By that point in mission there were no JTACs available at blue FARPs any long
  13. SliderCDN, Unfortunately script used to do all those things became unstable and caused server crashes. Until those issues can be resolved, stability is maintained by the way things are now done in the new server mission. While it is true that helos have been limited in the scope of the mission, they are vitally important to the particular sides success. Dropping troops to secure an airfield so that aircraft can spawn closer to the battle or take over a FARP so that it can be used for rearming/refuelling, inserting a JTAC to laze targets for strikers and setting up Early Warnin
  14. Doomtone, please check that you have your version of DCS Open Beta updated to If it is not update, you will not see it in the server list.
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