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  1. Name: Nick Postma (Zergburger, Clown Penis, Tryhard 1-1) Age: 33 Time Flying in DCS: uh.....10 years now??? too long Preferred Aircraft: F-172 skyhawk, tomcat, JF, viper, (hornet is pretty meta right now) Reason for applying: A Succubus blackmailed my start up business and now I vow to prevent that from happening to anyone else....oh wait thats my DnD character.... I've lurked around your server/TS for a long time now, enjoy flying with you guys, and want to make the next step in my DCS training. I saw your performance in SATAL and admired it for what it was, outclassing the competition. I know you guys, you know me; I honestly don't know what to put here that I haven't said already through other avenues. Turn Ons: carrier qualifications, long flights in extremely close formation, flying L39s, and making Knight rage.... I'm also a bit handy in the back seat of a tomcat,.
  2. Name: Nick J. S. Postma (Callsign: "Zergburger" aka "Tryhard 1-1" aka "Clown Penis") Age: 31 Time Flying in DCS: hella time Preferred Aircraft: JF-17 (viper and tomcat are cool too) Reason for applying: Looking for an active squadron of pilots with equal or greater skill than myself to continue improving and perfecting DCS skills with.
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