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Found 6 results

  1. ****************************************** In case this thread is marked "OPEN" please post your application as a reply following the example: Name: Smart E. Xample (Callsign: "Smartman") Age: 29 Time Flying in DCS: Approximately 1 year Preferred Aircraft: Parachute Reason for applying: Growing up it was my dream to become a fighter pilot in the US Navy. Earlier this year I learned of DCS while playing BF4 and the rest has been history. I love being able to use DCS as an outlet to satisfy my dream of becoming a great
  2. Welcome to the 104th Undergraduate Pilot Training Academy Cadet! This training course was carefully designed to assess your abilities as a pilot. During the UPT phase of your training you will learn and be evaluated on all the dynamics of flight from ramp start to visual landings. You will also be evaluated on your ability to follow guidelines and procedure. Upon graduating the UPT Academy you will have earned the right to progress to fighter training school. Be sure that your tracks are done as thoroughly as possible! Please review your tracks before submitting. View the sample Video and co
  3. The 104th usually opens its recruitment 2 times a year - but that is not a given. It differs according to our needs and capabilities. So, how do you know that the recruitment is open, and when it is open how do you apply step by step? We will announce the recruitment on fbook, our forums and ED forums, to let you know. Additionally you can check with this thread: Right now it says 104th Recruitment "CLOSED" - because it is closed. When recruitment is open, the thread will be renamed to 104th Recruitment "OPEN". How to apply, step by step: 1. Once labeled as "OPEN" the topic will be unlocke
  4. Important: The minimum requirements and recommendations listed below are pointed towards the training of a 104th Cadet and in no way wathsoever represent any general form of recommendation of the 104th PHOENIX VFBS regarding certain flight gear or simulation software - apart from DCS - or any third party developer content. We do not favour specific manufacturers or developers. The requirements/ recommendations below are there to facilitate your training. So, what is required that an applicant must have in order to become a 104th Cadet? Let's separate software and hardware first.
  5. To successfully submit your UPTs you will have to know a couple of things (apart from what is stated in the UPT thread here:) All UPTs have to be flown in Multiplayer, where you will host your own server for yourself. To do so open up your Multiplayer GUI, select "New Server", select the mission and click "start", then select your aircraft as client, then spawn in, when ready unpause the gameAll UPTs start with unpausing the gameYour track files are located in c:\username\savedgames\DCS (or DCSopenbeta)\Tracks\MultiplayerDo NOT use external views or pause the game while flyingClearly show us
  6. WELCOME! HERE YOU WILL GET TO KNOW HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER IN THE 104th PHOENIX VFBS Please read carefully prior applying! The 104th Phoenix Virtual Fighter Bomber Squadron takes its pride in educating and training among the best virtual fighter pilots in DCS since almost 9 years now. Normally, in spring and in autumn, we open our doors for new members to join our ranks. However, please understand that we are very selective, when it comes to recruiting new members. This is not because we want to be an elitist and exclusive group - on the contrary: we like to be inclusive and open as much as
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