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DCS Callsign: Althiex

Country: United States (Central Time)

Details of any previous DCS GCI, VATSIM ATC activity if any: I am an on again - off again GCI on Hoggit's GAW and PGAW servers. Have received 5 commendations (Not that many, I know. Figured it was worth listing just to show I have experience. You can confirm this by sending " !commendations list <user> " on either the GAW or PGAW channels on the Hoggit Discord.) I am familiar with the Hoggit GCI, AWACS, and ATC communication standards. [ GCI / AWACS - https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Getting_started_with_GCI/AWACS ] [ ATC - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SbtS7QpBqxN5KbSR8da2qYRCi9ogt4dz37JCfJPLLls/edit ]  I am able to provide intercept vectors and am familiar with SRS. However, I neither have, nor am I familiar with, LOTATC. I cannot promise regular or consistent GCI/AWACS/ATC services, but I can promise quality service when I am available. I have used TeamSpeak before, but am still somewhat unfamiliar with the software.

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